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Sample testing | RX8025T-UB from Shenzhen to Vietnam


RX8025T-UB 20K EPSON 2019+ 0.5063USD 4-6days



Description: Clock/Calendar HH:MM:SS YY-MM-DD I2C SOP-14_208mil Real-time Clocks RoHS 
electronic component suppliers

On May 15th, the RX8025T-UB sample sent from Shenzhen successfully arrived in Vietnam. If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us, we support sample testing.

electronic component suppliers

If you want to buy hard to find electronic parts, please feel free to 
contact us. We are an electronic components distributor in China with 11 years of experience. Also, we can provide BOM/PCB/SMT services.

 We promise: 

1. Original quality: 100% brand new & original;

2. Competitive price: Original bargain goods channel;

3. 1pc MOQ: Free samples for testing;

4. Short delivery time: most are in stock;

5. 365-day warranty: all parts are available.

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Z84C1510FEG From HK to France, only took 2 days


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