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TDC-GP2 From Hong Kong to Germany via DHL


TDC-GP2  400PCS  ACAM 2015+ 2.43USD 2-3Days

ManufacturerAcam Messelectronic Gmbh


DescriptionConverter High Speed SPI 150nA QFN-32 Sensor Interface ICs RoHS


TDC-GP2 is the next generation of acam generalpurpose TDCs. Higher resolution and smaller package size make it ideal for cost sensitive industrial applications. With special functional blocks like a fire-pulse generator, stop-enable, temperature measurement, and clock control it is perfectly suited for ultrasonic flow-meter and heat-meter applications.


Measurement range 1

• 2 channels with typ. 50 ps resolution rms

• Measurement range 0 to 1.8 µs

• 15 ns pulse-pair resolution with 4-fold multihit capability

• 4 events can be measured arbitrarily against each other

• Trigger to rising or/and falling edge

• Windowing for precise stop enable


Measurement range 2

• 1 channel with typ. 50 ps resolution rms

• Measurement range 500 ns to 4 ms

• 2 x CLKHS pulse-pair resolution with 3-fold multihit capability

• Trigger to rising or/and falling edge

• Each of the 3 events can be assigned to an adjustable measuring window with 10ns resolution


Temperature measurement unit

• 2 or 4 sensors

• PT500/PT1000 or higher

• Very high resolution: 16 Bit eff. (0.004 °C resolution for platinum sensors)

• Ultra low current (0.08 µA when measuring every 30 seconds)



• QFN 32 package

• I/O voltage 1.8 V to 5.5 V

• Core voltage 1.8 V to 3.6 V

• 1 MHz continuous data rate max.

• Temperature range – 40 °C to 125 °C

• 4 wire SPI interface

• Fire pulse generator

• Clock calibration unit

•  Precise stop enable by windowing

• Trigger to rising and/or falling edge

TDC-GP2 From Hong Kong to Germany via DHL

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