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Obsolete parts | MAXIM & SEIKO to Italy via DHL


DHL Express: MAXIM & SEIKO to Italy

1. MAX491ECPD  MAXIM  2019+  1000pcs  €0.62

2. S-1165B33MC-N6STFG  SEIKO  2019+  15000pcs  €0.12

 DHL Express: MAXIM & SEIKO to Italy

MAX491ECPD | Obsolete parts on Digikey.

? Categories: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers

? Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated

? Description: 1/1 Transceiver Full RS422, RS485 14-PDIP

? Datasheets: https://bit.ly/3cRNmOR

? Application:

? Low-Power RS-485 Transceivers

? Low-Power RS-422 Transceivers

? Level Translators

? Transceivers for EMI-Sensitive Applications

? Industrial-Control Local Area Networks

MAX491ECPD | Obsolete parts


? Manufacturer: ABLIC U.S.A. Inc.

? Datasheets: https://bit.ly/3i9Nev3

? Description: Linear Voltage Regulator IC 1 Output 200mA SOT-23-5

? Categories: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear

? Applications

? Constant-voltage power supply for battery-powered device

? Constant-voltage power supply for personal communication device

? Constant-voltage power supply for home electric appliance

? Constant-voltage power supply for cellular phone

 S-1165B33MC-N6STFG Linear Voltage Regulator

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