XC2S200-5PQG208C by Xilinx | FPGA 208QFP_Electronic Components Distributor Datasheet
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XC2S200-5PQG208C by Xilinx | FPGA 208QFP


XC2S200-5PQG208C by Xilinx Inc. | FPGA End of Life Part on Digikey & Mouser

Manufacturer: Xilinx Inc.

Description: IC FPGA 140 I/O 208QFP (FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array)

Datasheets: https://bit.ly/3mAbyJu

Category: Integrated Circuits (ICs) | Embedded - FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array)

  XC2S200-5PQG208C by Xilinx | IC Supplier in China

Package / Case: 208-BFQFP

XC2S200-5PQG208C by Xilinx FPGA

XC2S200-5PQG208C Picture | Xilinx Supplier
XC2S200-5PQG208C by Xilinx FPGA

XC2S200-5PQG208C Label
RoHS Status: ROHS3 Compliant

XC2S200-5PQG208C by Xilinx FPGA

XC2S200-5PQG208C by Xilinx FPGA

XC2S200-5PQG208C by Xilinx | Non-Stock ON Mouser

End of Life: Scheduled for obsolescence and will be discontinued by the manufacturer.)
XC2S200-5PQG208C Non-Stock ON Mouser

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XC7K160T-FBG676ABX by Xilinx | Non stock on Digikey

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